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Volume 19 Issue 6
March/April 2014

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Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 19 Issue 6 — March/April 2014
by Melva Armstrong

I have managed to survive the extremely cold temperatures of the last two months. I trust you did, too. It has been colder for a longer period of time this year than I can ever remember. We have burned lots of fire wood to keep the house and ourselves warm. Being newbies at having a wood stove for heat, it has been an interesting series of learning experiences. The first part was finding out who had wood for sale, then arranging to borrow a friend’s truck, and making numerous trips to the location—a twenty-minute drive away. Once there, I jump into the back of the truck and as pieces are handed to me, I stack them in neat rows so the truck is full just slightly above the top edge of the box. Back at home, we unload it and stack it in neat rows at the side of the driveway against a wooden fence, just underneath a big maple tree. The whole process gives one quite a strenuous workout each time we do it, however, I feel it is all worth it when I experience the comforting warmth of the wood stove heat.

I can feel that spring is on its way. The daylight is getting longer and the temperatures have risen slightly. We are not finished with winter yet, but most of it is behind us now and soon the snow will be gone, water and mud will appear and then dry up, and everything will start to turn green. People will be getting ready to sow their gardens and fields and the spring planting cycle will begin again.

Lately, I have noticed an increase in the number of news items, particularly on the internet, that are revealing the outrageous amount of cruelty to both domestic and wild animals. On top of that, I’ve received email images from PETA showing live rabbits having the hair torn off their bodies and then left sitting in tiny cages with their raw skin and muscles exposed, and all for the use of their angora fur. I felt so awful looking at those images that my heart sunk into my stomach. Those poor innocent little rabbits—how could anyone treat them so cruelly? And yet many of our fellow human beings perform these kinds of atrocious acts on animals every minute of every day across the world. How have so many people in our world become so insensitive, that they can be so cruel? I don’t know the answer, but thankfully, many of us are now speaking up and acting to help protect animals and to eliminate this kind of abuse. I encourage everyone to make your voices heard in our world. Every voice counts and together we can make a huge difference. So, speak up today and everyday when you hear of any kind of cruelty toward any form of life.

One way to help us bring more kindness and caring into our hearts and our world is to learn about the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) work of Marshall Rosenberg, which is presented by Loretta Iris in her article, Speaking of Compassion (p. 24). According to Loretta, who has been studying this work for over a decade, it is designed to help human beings reconnect with their compassion through specific nonviolent approaches to how we communicate with each other. Loretta is interested in expanding Saskatchewan’s Compassionate Communication community and she would love to hear from anyone who would like to participate. Her contact information is included in her article. Keep up the great work and great life, Loretta!

Saskatchewan is fortunate once again to have Venerable Lama Losang Samten return, bringing his sacred offerings of artistic and spiritual nourishment. To learn more about him and his presentations on compassion, see Lori Petruskevich’s article, Compassion in the 306 (p. 35). We are blessed to have such an enlightened individual bring his teachings of compassion to our province, so I encourage you to find out more about his work and to consider attending his events.

This issue is packed with a wealth of information and ideas to help you keep well and happy on your life journey, so be sure to check out everything. It has been another great pleasure working with everyone who is part of it. I thank you all. March/April 2014 completes nineteen full years of publishing WHOLifE. May/June 2014 starts year twenty.

May the return of spring find you dancing in the sunlight and taking time to stretch your arms and breathe deeply in the great outdoors!

Bright blessings to you and yours for Easter and spring equinox!

(The spirit in me honours the spirit in you)

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