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Volume 16 Issue 5
January/February 2011

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Cellphones, Wi-Fi, and Other Electromagnetic Hazards
by Jim Waugh

If you are concerned about the safety of cellphones, Wi-Fi in schools, and the ubiquitous cellphone antennas, you have good reason to be. The electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that enables these wireless devices has become a significant environmental pollutant that is adversely affecting the immune and nervous systems of our bodies and their genes. As a result, we are experiencing a large number of symptoms and illnesses that scientific research has linked to exposure to EMR. In the opinion of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology in Colorado, “There is really no medical condition that is exempt from being caused or being aggravated by electromagnetic fields.”

Despite having accountability for national health, Health Canada continues to insist that exposure to low-level radio-frequency energy, such as from Wi-Fi equipment, is not dangerous to the public, and the equipment is required to meet the safety guidelines of Safety Code 6. In doing so, Health Canada ignores the Royal Society of Canada Report of March, 1999, that states Safety Code 6 is explicitly designed to protect from thermal exposures (causing body tissue to increase in temperature) and Wi-Fi, cellphones, cell and radio transmitters, and DECT cordless phones do not fall into this category because the radiation is non-thermal. Heath Canada also ignores a large body of science that proves biological effects of EMR exposure occur at levels thousands of times lower than Safety Code 6 recommended guidelines. Why is our federal government so persistent in ignoring the facts? The evidence points to the money. The wireless telecommunications industry is generating revenues in the trillions of dollars annually world-wide, and as a result our government is collecting millions in taxes, fees, and other revenues. Seemingly, taking care of this cash-cow is much more important to the politicians and bureaucrats than protecting us from harm.

The radio-frequency radiation that enables our wireless technologies like cellphones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, wireless baby monitors, and wireless security systems together with the power-frequency radiation emitted by appliances, electric tools, electronic equipment, and lighting fixtures in the home contributes to the aggregate amount of radiation our bodies absorb on a daily basis. The more radiation the body is exposed to, the greater are our risks of contracting EMR-related symptoms and illnesses.

A few of the symptoms include headaches, nausea, altered reflexes, flu-like symptoms, insomnia, tinnitus, skin rashes, allergies, behaviour difficulties, and the worst one, feeling old. An estimated 3 to 5 percent of the population suffers with electromagnetic sensitivity, an allergy-like condition that can be severely debilitating when sufferers are exposed to electromagnetic frequencies. Exposure to EMR may lead to premature aging and diseases like chronic fatigue, asthma, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, brain tumours and cancer, childhood and adult leukemia, and lung, breast, and prostate cancer.

Many public places such as shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, coffee shops, and schools contain unhealthy levels of radiation. It comes from cellphones carried by the occupants, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, wireless security systems, fluorescent lighting, and exterior sources such as cellphone antennas and high voltage electrical transmission lines. Even outdoor areas like parks and beaches are becoming contaminated with radiation from cellphone antennas, Wi-Fi, and transmission lines. Hospitals and extended care facilities contain a radiation fog similar to other public buildings exacerbated by emissions from electronic medical equipment. The EMR environment in casinos is very unhealthy in part because of the close proximity of the players to large numbers of gaming machines.

There are many things that you can do to reduce your personal exposure, thereby reducing your risks of personal harm. Avoid public places with high radiation density. Limit your cellphone use and use an air-tube headset to reduce the amount of radiation entering your head. And most importantly, make your home safe to allow your body to rest and recover from the daily radiation onslaught.

Taking action to eliminate unnecessary sources of radiation in the home will improve the living environment. Discourage the use of cellphones because their second-hand radiation will permeate the entire home. Replace cordless phones, Wi-Fi, wireless baby monitors, and wireless security systems with wired versions that are much safer. Remove compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and other fluorescent light fixtures and replace them with LED (light emitting diode) or incandescent bulbs. Remain cognizant of your EMR exposure while using any electrical appliance or device that uses an electric motor, heating element, or electronic control pad. Have an electromagnetic survey conducted by a professional or as a consequential do-it-yourself project to alert you to unhealthy sources of EMR and to help you with a course of corrective action. Most importantly, become informed. There is a great deal of information in the mainstream media that is deliberately designed to create confusion about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on your health.

Jim Waugh assists his clients in reducing their exposure to electromagnetic radiation through home and office inspections and low-EMR design consultations. His recently released book, Living Safely with Electromagnetic Radiation, has valuable information that is helping his readers understand electromagnetic radiation, how it is affecting them, and what they can do to protect themselves. You can purchase the book on his website www.EMFSafeHome.com and he can be reached by email at JimWaugh@EMFSafeHome.com.


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