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Volume 14 Issue 1
May/June 2008

Tamara's House ~ the Hope and the Healing

A Live Adventure!

Transformational Breath
The Breath of Life

How Healing Takes Place Creatively

Women and Horses
Exploring the Magical Bond

Ancient Chinese Wisdom Still Relevant

The Magic of the Moon
Its Phases and Effect on Humans and the Planet


The Magic of the Moon
Its Phases and Effect on Humans and the Planet

by Trent Deerhorn
Trent Deerhorn

My relationship with the moon has been a lifelong experience. As a child I would gaze at the moon through my bedroom window and wonder at the brilliance of its light. I noticed that my skin would tingle as moonlight shone upon it. My grandmother would comment that, "The moon is in your blood." This later had more significant meaning for me than the simple explanation that I was full of spit and vinegar. I came to realize that the moon affected me in deeply spiritual ways, as well. I found that my genetic line was not one, but two lines of mystical people. And in my training as a shaman I found that there are certain ceremonies and spells (healing recipes) that can be performed during particular moon phases and that these phases have energies that insure positive outcomes.

The New Moon (when the moon is invisible) is a time for new beginnings. It is an excellent time to begin new projects at work and at home. The energy of the New Moon boosts these projects. It is a good time for sowing seeds in the garden and in your life. Spells having to do with attracting increased finances and greater success are very powerful at this time. The New Moon is also a time when we are able to look deep within and access our inner answers. This enables us to connect more strongly with our instincts in relation to what "fits" for us, or what is not right for us at this particular time in our lives. Opportunities abound during the New Moon and we are able to instinctively know which ones will work for us and which ones will not.
The Waxing Moon (the time between the New Moon and the Full Moon) is the time to prepare ourselves for upcoming situations, transitions, and developments. It is a time to build our inner strength and fortitude. The Waxing Moon is also a good time to expand upon already existing projects. It is the best time to prepare for when the power of the moon is at its peak (Full). The Waxing Moon boosts success and accomplishments of any form or undertaking, whether they are spiritual or practical in nature. It is an excellent time for vision quests and for enhancing our inner psychic abilities. "Light of Lady Moon, shining down on me, enhance my inner gifts, three times three," is a spoken or whispered spell that can be done while gazing upon the Waxing Moon. Then close your eyes and feel the energy of the moon enter your third eye chakra in the centre of your forehead. This light awakens and boosts your inner gifts and abilities. The Waxing Moon increases our perceptions of other realms of existence, and the closer we get to the Full Moon, the stronger these intuitive processes become. This can indeed lead us to an expanded awareness of many dimensions of reality.

According to shamic teachings, the Full Moon is the strongest energetic phase of the moon and the most fortuitous. It is especially so as the night approaches midnight, a threshold time when the veils of existence between this world and the other worlds are most thin. At this time magical powers will be at their peak. The Full Moon is a good time to cast spells to attract love into your life. It is also an excellent time to launch gratitude prayers to the Universe for our many blessings. The Full Moon at midnight is also the perfect time to spiritually connect with ancestral spirits and the spirits of loved ones on the other side of the Veil, as the Veil is more thin and we can psychically peek through from both sides, one to the other. The Full Moon is also a time of great influence on our character, drawing out from the unconscious the characteristics that are hidden at other times. Many people also find that the Full Moon is a time when they become more amorous. This is yet another meaning entwined in the expression that, "The moon is in your blood."

The Waning Moon (the phase between the Full Moon and the New Moon) is the perfect time for ceremonies and spells to remove illness, problems, and obstacles from one's path. This is a time to create resolve and to neutralize adversarial energies within and around oneself. This is also a time for casting protection spells for yourself, loved ones, your home, and your material possessions. The period of the Waning Moon is when our physical bodies are more receptive to cleansing and detoxification. This can be accomplished through such things as herbal remedies, healing modalities that balance and harmonize your energies, sweat lodges, and visiting mineral spas. It is said that dieting and exercise also become easier and have longer lasting effects when the moon is waning.

Part of my healing practice as a shaman involves holding drumming circles. Often these circles include Moon ceremonies to honour the Divine Feminine aspect, which the moon represents, as well as working with the cauldron for casting spells for harmony and healing. Combining the Lunar Rays of the Divine Feminine with the deeply grounding resonance of the drum, anchors and deepens the profound experience of the moon on a cellular level.

The moon's light can also be used to charge and cleanse the water we drink. Pour filtered water into a clear jug and place it outside, or in a window, in a location that the moonlight can fall upon it. In the morning you will have the most delicious tasting water! Alternatively, you can place a moonstone crystal into the jug of water while the water is charging in the moonlight. The moonstone will also become super charged. Then the moonstone will work to charge the water during the period of the New Moon, when the moon gives no light.

Moonstone is not the only crystal that can be charged by the moon. Any crystal, left in a place where the moonlight touches it, will be fully charged by morning. Our bodies are the same as the water and crystals, because as the moonlight touches our skin it soaks in and charges our blood. This can be quite healing and stimulating. Thus our lymphatics are energized with the moon whenever that area of our bodies is bathed in its light. Personally, there is rarely a time when the moon streams in my window that I can keep my covers on. Even in the dead of winter I like to spend at least a few minutes in a moon bath. For me, it is a beautiful blessing from the Goddess of the Moon.

One legend holds that it was Grandmother Moon who spoke to Dolphin and taught Dolphin how to breathe properly in order to learn the ebb and flow of air and water. To this day it is still the spirit of Dolphin who helps us to breathe through any situation in our life. It was also Grandmother Moon who, according to legend, was credited with teaching Spider how to weave her web, the angles and lines of which inspired the first alphabet. To this day it is Spider medicine that improves our written and oral communication.
It is said in oral traditions, and in some written traditions, that the sun and the moon are beacons of the Great Work of Creation, each representing the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies of the Universe and of our natures. Those who are innately magical can draw on the energies of these heavenly bodies to empower their work and assist in the healing of our world. At a time of such political struggles throughout our world, turning our attention to the healing of the world can only create positive ripples of energy.

Trent Deerhorn is a shaman who has been practicing professionally for over 20 years. He lives in Saskatoon where he holds private healing sessions and ceremonies, as well as public circles. He is a storyteller and songwriter, and descends from a long line of mystics and healers. To contact him call (306) 978-5300 or visit www.deerhornshamanic.com. Also see the display ad on page 37 of the 14.1 May/June issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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