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Volume 11 Issue 4
Nov/December 2005

Holistic Management
Restoring Vitality to Our Natural Resources

Beets! Beets! Beets!

Getting Pro-Active on Breast Health

Cold & Flu Busters: The Natural Approach

Everything That Happens In Life Has a Purpose


Melva ArmstrongEditorial
Volume 11 Issue 4—November/December 2005
by Melva Armstrong

I know you are all very healthy individuals, however we occasionally succumb to cold and flu germs, and particularly so at this time of year. Because there are many natural ways to help ease the pain and speed up the recovery process, we have included Klaus Ferlow’s Cold & Flu Busters: The Natural Approach article (p. 12) which offers a wide variety of natural healing remedies based on many of his own personal experiences. He emphasizes that one’s diet is the most crucial aspect in keeping healthy and, no surprise, he recommends avoiding “junk food”. Instead he suggests trying such things as rose hip tea, garlic, chicken noodle soup, and raw fruit and vegetable juices. This article is absolutely chalk full of tips on how to get healthy and stay healthy—a must read for all!

In light of the continuous rise of cancer, and in particular breast cancer, in our world, we felt it extremely important to include an excellent article titled, Getting Pro-Active on Breast Health (p. 10), by Dr. Jacqui Fleury, a naturopathic doctor in Saskatoon who has been active for many years in helping educate folks on how to be healthy, with particular emphasis on breast health. In her article she provides some guidelines to help maintain a healthy body and healthy breasts, from dietary changes to breast self-examination to how to practice self-nurturance. Dr. Fleury is also an advocate of breast thermography, a non-invasive method of screening changes in breast tissue, in women and men, using a digital infrared camera and a sophisticated computer program. In November, Dr. Fleury will be hosting some breast thermography clinics in Saskatchewan, so if you are interested please see the display ad on page 11 for details.

Keeping our bodies healthy is also dependent on maintaining a healthy environment—in particular the air, the water, and the soil in which our food grows. These are three natural resources that need to be sound in order to keep all of us healthy and, as we hear every day from various studies and reports, they are rapidly deteriorating. With great concern for our declining environmental situation, farmer and rancher Leonard Pigott has been busy looking for solutions to restore our resources to their natural state and he has discovered a “wholistic” approach to which he introduces us in his article, Holistic Management—Restoring Vitality to Our Natural Resources (p. 16). After reading Leonard’s article I couldn’t help but get a delightful zen-like impression of holistic management, because it seems to encourage individuals to be mindful about who we are and how we are all interconnected with each other and with the environment, and that we are all better served when we become aware of our oneness with the whole. Furthermore, Leonard is a registered HM educator and is available to share his knowledge and expertise.

With the use of natural health care resources on the rise in Canada, it is a good time to bring to your attention the importance of our federal government’s Bill C-420, as described by Dr. Heather Fox in her article, Personal Health Choice for Canadian Consumers (p. 14). This bill is recommending the establishment of a third class—not food, not drugs—of regulatory products that would include natural health products and would provide assurance that these products would not disappear and would therefore offer Canadians a greater freedom of choice in personal health care. If you wish to learn more and/or to have your voice heard on this matter there is contact information at the end of the article.

Regular columnist and nutritional consultant Paulette Millis has provided another information-packed article titled, Beets! Beets! Beets! (p. 8). Although the redness of the beet often limits its versatility, it is nevertheless filled with lots of great nutrients and should be included in your meal plans on a regular basis. I guarantee this won’t be a problem when you see all the great recipes that Paulette has included.

Professional astrologer Samantha Kane-Kennedy has written a new article titled, Everything That Happens in Life Has a Purpose (p. 24), in which she gently reminds us there is a reason for everything in our lives, whether we like it or not. And you may or may not agree with Donald Sutherland’s article, Is Mankind on the Edge of the Cliff? (p. 30), but he does give us food for thought on what is happening with the human activity on our planet.

May love and laughter fill every day of your life to the fullest and may you have a happy and blessed holiday season!

(I honour the Spirit in you!)

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