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Volume 10 Issue 3
September/October 2004

The Art of Reading Faces
Deepening Your Perceptions and Feelings of Others

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The Good Fats are as Important to Our Health as Vitamins

Rolfing® Structural Integration Integrating Body Movement and Function for Healing

Quantum-Touch® The Power to Heal Through Running Energy


The Power to Heal Through Running Energy

by Kathy Wilson

Kathy Wilson

What is Quantum-Touch (QT)? I believe it is accurate to say it is the simplest method of energy work on the planet. From toddlers to seniors anyone can do it!

The beauty of QT lies in its simplicity. It follows the KISS Theory: “Keep It Straightforward and Simple.” Novices given the basic instruction, with no previous experience, achieve immediate and positive results. Healing professionals can take it and blend it with their offerings for accelerated success. Wonderfully, it amplifies the effectiveness of a wide spectrum of healing modalities such as: CranioSacral Therapy, Esoteric Healing, Massage, Chiropractic, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch.

In this modality individuals learn how to “Run Energy.” Running Energy is a process which can be defined as, “linking body awareness to breathing.” As a novice, professional chiropractor, physical therapist, massage practitioner, health-care professional, or someone stressed from daily living, this “running of energy” is something that works by helping yourself as you help others—“Give a healing; get a healing.”

Running of Energy can perk you up in the late afternoon, increase your circulation, and make you feel better. In turn you can use it to heal self, animals, plants, family, clients, and friends.

QT endorses the belief that the body knows how to heal itself and has an innate preference for wholeness and health. Using intention, attention, breathing, and the body’s innate intelligence, a person runs energy to raise their vibration and the resonance of their hands. The magic awakens—and the healing begins.

The foremost principles of QT are resonance and entrainment. This means raising your vibration and connecting it with another’s, and holding this high vibration. When two things vibrate at different frequencies, the law of resonance states that the lower frequency comes up, or the upper frequency goes down, or they meet in the middle. An individual learns to hold a strong vibration so that the other person’s energy entrains up to match that higher vibration. This higher vibration supports the healing process.

The high vibration impacts matter on a sub-atomic or quantum level and works its way up through the cells, nerves, muscles, and tissues. Before the visual effects can be seen smaller healings are taking place. QT has shown itself to be highly effective in both organic and systemic conditions involving musculoskeletal imbalances, trauma, pain, and inflammation due to injury or surgery. It facilitates healing on the emotional level as well, with spontaneous releases of blocked energy, moving emotions up to the surface.
I am truthfully amazed at the results I am seeing with this technique. I’ve seen it consistently relieve chronic and acute pain quickly with lasting results. Bones have moved back into normal structural alignment. Bleeding has stopped and resulting scars have disappeared. You have to see it to believe it!

On my invitation, my mother Betty, who is 81, came to the city to take the Quantum-Touch Basic weekend course. She walks with a cane and has not yet fully recovered from an attack of Guillain-Barré Syndrome which resulted in paralysis of her legs, many months in the hospital, and years recuperating. During the workshop my mother experienced tremendous healing and the visual difference in her from Saturday morning to Sunday evening was breathtaking. When I took her home on the Sunday evening she walked straight, no longer bent over, and at a pace three times faster than before, and she had also put down her cane. Going up the stairs on the way to bed, she used only the railing and walked up normally, step by step. When she reached the top, her granddaughter called out, “Gramma, look at you!” My mother paused for a second and remarked, “Incredible!” It was incredible. The follow-up is that she is feeling better, has more energy, and is doing QT daily on my father, as well as on a neighbour.

When you look at the QT Web site—www.quantumtouch.com—there are plenty of wonderful healing stories, many a lot more powerful than mine. For me, the story of my mother’s experience is real and to witness that amount of accelerated healing occurring over two days was extraordinary.

There are a number of ways that you can learn the techniques of Quantum-Touch: (1) Read the book - Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal by Richard Gordon; (2) Attend a basic two-day workshop; or (3) Purchase/Follow the video tape workshop.

The book is written as an operator’s manual for success. Everything you need to know about QT is in the book. The workshops are valuable to get practice and feedback, and to gain confidence and participate in your own healing and that of others. During the workshops, inconceivable healing takes place. Moreover, we find those who take the workshops bond and start their own active healing circles. The video tapes are of Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch, teaching the workshop, and therefore can be used in your own home with the benefit of repetition.

Quantum-Touch has been endorsed by numerous healthcare practitioners, medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, nurses, and a wide variety of energy workers. This healing modality is practiced world wide. Perhaps the most exciting part is that it enables anyone to develop the competence to help himself or herself—and others—quickly and easily. There are no tribal secrets or religious dogmas, only the simplicity of running energy and facilitating the healing process using the simplest of techniques—remembering the KISS theory.

Kathy Wilson is co-founder of Healing Nexus (www.healingnexus.ca) an Internet Porthole service for those who wish to promote their alternative healing workshops and events. She is currently involved in setting up www.quantumtouch.ca to provide information on QT activities in Canada. Trained and active in a number of healing modalities (Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Focus Therapy, and Quantum-Touch), her passion is working intuitively with individuals and businesses that are operating on a creative-holistic-intuitive-heart level to get their messages out for the best results. Contact her at kwilson@healingnexus.ca or (416) 224-2389.


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