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Volume 9 Issue 2
July/Aug 2003

Drum-Drum! Drum-Drum!

Broccoli! Bursting With Nutrition!

Intestinal Cleansing
Grass Roots to the Healing Process

Gain Clarity — Improve Healing

Becoming the Creator of Your Life!


Becoming the Creator of Your Life!
by Patricia Barclay

Upon my journey into life I came knowing that life could be miraculous. I came knowing that something big was going to happen in my lifetime. I came knowing a supreme Creator exists in the Universe, and I came knowing that I could be a creator. My challenge was finding someone who could teach me how to be that Creator. At a subconscious level this longing for knowing the Creator in myself had left me sad, lonely, depressed, angry, and at times sick.

In 1995, my life took a unique turn of events that led me to experience and understand more completely the magnificent beings that we are. It was in a time of personal crisis, through the deteriorating state of health in my body, that I began to experience the metaphysical side of life. These experiences brought great healing in my body, mind, and spirit, and a greater understanding of how life works. It became apparent to me that self-healing, dominion over life and the external events that bombard our attention, can easily be lived with once we understand our greater potential as Creators. This concept of being a "creator" is one I would like to share in this article.

Being a Creator is how we are wired. It is our inherent blueprint coded into our very being. The mystics of past and present have always known this truth as they are aware of the creative living energy that is within them. They are able to know personally the subtle power of it and how to use it for transformation, change, and the evolution of individual consciousness. Living energy is distinct within our being if we attune to it. This living energy is what I experienced and I call it Divine intelligence.

Divine intelligence cannot be taught become unified with it. This is true self-realization. It is not an intellectual realization but a realization that agrees with the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels of one's being. You understand what being larger than life really is. The body has its own "ah-ha," as the perception of self remembers: "This is who I really am. This is how life works." A shift moves you from feeling powerless to realizing you have the lead role to play in creating your life.

A Creator becomes an observer of life experiences. Rather than resisting or judging situations with positive or negative emotion, a Creator will flow with them. "Go with the flow" is a popular phrase we intuitively use as one way to deal with life situations. It does not mean we deny experiences, but we look at personal feelings and thoughts honestly without enslaving anyone else in the process.

As a Creator you realize you are responsible for the circumstances of your life. My own metaphysical experiences showed me how I was creating the cancer in my body, affecting the health of certain organs, causing the miscarriages, colds, and flu. I believe I was creating it all to experience who I wanted to become. That was a big "ah-ha" and a big step in owning all of myself. Blaming no one, but accepting I have created it all.

We all come to our own "point of realization" in a way that is perfect for each of us. Often we reject the choice to cross over into knowing and understanding that we are creating it all, and thus we have to experience similar events over and over again until we let go of the deception. It requires courage to embrace a new perspective of this life as a Creator. Perhaps that is the meaning behind, "The meek shall inherit the earth." The meek have courage, humbleness, and a willingness to understand the "more." They are not locked into dogma, creed, institutionalized rules and conduct. They are open, trusting, and innocent. Being a Creator requires these talents.

What is unique about becoming a Creator is the realization that there is always enough, always another way to achieve a desire, and always a loving intelligence within that guides you. With these understandings, a person will begin to eliminate the fears and anger they are holding. Thoughts such as: There isn't enough; They are out to get me; I have to get what I need at all costs; I have to exploit here to succeed there; I can't have what I want; or I am a sinner, become obsolete.

The imprint of the past, of statistics, laws, and averages means little to the present moment. One by one, the fears that keep us closed, keep our living energy slowed down causing disease or lack in our life, cease. Instead we experience renewed vitality, healing of disease, youthful exuberance, strength in our constitution, a peace that passes all understanding, and endless joy. These are the signs of becoming a Creator as one lives in the preciousness of each moment, deliberately choosing thoughts and feelings that align with one's highest vision.

A Creator is no longer imprisoned by the negative comments from others, statistics, or logic that says, "Impossible!" or "That is the way it is!" A Creator knows how to make life happen for his/herself, how to move disease out of the body, and how to walk through all circumstances with a heart of compassion, grace, and love.

Creating is a natural response to living. That is what transformation and evolution are about.

My wisdom of Divine intelligence comes from my own experiences throughout my life. I have learned that it is this intelligence that creates the synchronicities and miracles in my life. It is this intelligence that removes the negativity I have woven into my surroundings, body, mind, and spirit. It is this intelligence that heals what I allow it to heal and it is this intelligence that makes all things possible.

I have understood that Divine intelligence is not meant to be intellectualized, but at the same time it is a powerful healing consciousness given to us to use. As we integrate this consciousness the mind affirms the truth of it and the body responds by demonstrating itself as healthy or not. Divine intelligence, when allowed to integrate itself with the body and mind, produces new understandings that birth into new abilities, creating new experiences.

Knowing then becomes the wisdom of Divine intelligence that fills our being. When it speaks and we hear accurately we rejoice, and accurate discernment is ours. Doubt, fear, and worry fall by the wayside because we have remembered how to "know." This is the place in which we are meant to live always.

I believe this is the next step of evolution which humanity is embarking upon. This is the something "big" I have felt all my life. As we remember that we are creators, how exciting life becomes! The chaos exists but we are not affected by it. I call the application of awareness of knowing, the integration of understanding, and the use of Divine intelligence (or mastery of wisdom), Life Savvy.

Experience has shown me that inner consciousness, outer surroundings. and life experiences are all connected and we are creating them all. These are three ways to look at ourselves. The gifts of body, mind, and spirit allow us to navigate this world with incredible joy, grace, and success. To master Life Savvy, we must attune ourselves to each aspect of our being and align them by living in harmony with the Divine intelligence that is woven within us.

A powerful human being is one who is aware of how they are being. Cause is not outside ourselves but comes from within. Until we own this truth we will continue to misalign and miscreate, only to be the creators of the sadness, fear, discord, anger, and emptiness that we so often experience. But there is another reality happening despite this.

The challenge of self-mastery requires a leap of faith to cross the chasm to another reality. That is the age in which we are living. We can deny it and continue on in suffering or we can embrace it and inherit the Earth.

Particia Barclay is the Creator of Sacred Space Consulting®, the Living Energy Alignment Process™ and Life Savvy™ Retreats. She enjoys inspiring others to become the Creators of their living and working spaces as well as their lives. For further information on services and upcoming retreats visit www.sacredspaceconsulting.com or call (306) 343-1710.

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