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Volume 9 Issue 2
July/Aug 2003

Drum-Drum! Drum-Drum!

Broccoli! Bursting With Nutrition!

Intestinal Cleansing
Grass Roots to the Healing Process

Gain Clarity — Improve Healing

Becoming the Creator of Your Life!


Gain Clarity — Improve Healing
by Frank Jordan

Let's define clarity as a state of consciousness where all levels of our system are free from interference, and function at the highest level possible in our experience as Spiritual Beings.

My first experience of clarity came when I was snow bound on the ranch, so I took the opportunity to explore meditation, and my guides took the opportunity to fire up my Kundalini energies; I spent days wracked with energy flows rippling up my spine. The use of a dowsing tool the subconscious and super-conscious mind channels. Inner knowing began to rise into my conscious awareness. I knew, but had no matrix of understanding, no way to relate to what I knew.

One day, out of shear frustration and confusion, I raised my awareness up through the top of my head and asked "What is going on? Why am I doing this?" My guides responded by shutting off all the energy flows, and I felt a flow of deep love and serenity. I became lighter and lighter, until it felt like I could float up out of my chair. This was accompanied by a high singing energy that flowed through my body like light, radiating through every tissue, clearing, releasing stored energy forms.

I had my eyes closed while all this was happening, and when I opened them, I was shocked to see that everything in the room had turned into radiating, vibrating, energy fields. I could see vertical streams of various rainbow colours interacting with horizontal energies, causing millions of tiny distortions.

The pieces of furniture were dancing energy fields that flickered on and off at an incredible speed. I was prompted to rise from my chair and stand in the center of the room. I didn't feel like a dense physical body when I moved. I was shifting patterns of light, scintillating rainbows.

I closed my eyes, and felt as though my physical body had disappeared. I felt clear! There was no sensation of weight except on the bottoms of my feet. I could feel every energy system in my body functioning like a perfectly programmed machine, automatically carrying out the processes of life. I suddenly became aware that I could open my inner eyes, and when I did, I could see clairvoyantly in any direction, internally or externally.

The external world reappeared, and I moved my awareness around cautiously. Like a blind child who has gained sight for the first time, I wanted to see and experience everything at once. Giddy, I sat down in my chair again, holding onto my inner vision. Reaching out with my mind, I raced around the ranch, seeing everything in perfect clarity, free of the restrictions of my body.

I focused my awareness on my wife, felt a blur for an instant, and then appeared in the Post Office a few miles away where she worked. I watched her at her duties for a moment, and then raced to the schools where my children were, then back to my chair. Everything was incredibly bright and clear around me. Every sense was active felt and tasted it.

Having once experienced clarity, I have been on an unrelenting search for a way to regain and hold it. That one brief glimpse of what reality really is has led me on an unending experiential journey in this lifetime, where each experience adds a level of learning and added to my knowledge of "How Things Work." Each level of awareness was accomplished by exploring my inner systems, responding to subtle nudges, experiencing intuitive leaps of consciousness as I worked with clients, and applying what I learned in helping and teaching others.

In 1983 I was dowsing for gold. Mac, my dowsing partner, suffered a heat stroke and recognized he was at the point of death. He demanded I "heal" him, and instructed me to "move your hands around my head and pull out the heat." I'd never seen or experienced healing before, but did as I was told. In a few minutes he was back to normal, and I was a healer. The powerful flows that came down through my head and out of my hands had miraculous power, and I would never be the same again. I became fascinated with healing, and explored it with great passion.

The need to understand how healing worked led to the "Clearing The Way" techniques, which gave me the insight to insure complete, balanced healings in my clients by clearing the mental and emotional cause of their problems. With that came the understanding of how the mental/emotional levels of our Middle-Self worked to hold reality in form, and how to progressively clear myself of old patterns and programs holding me from experiencing clarity.

As I learned about the Chakra system, energy forms, and the physics of metaphysics, I came to understand how reality manifests, and consciousness works. Exploring the Low-Self and our animal consciousness opened me up to understanding family flows and genetic patterns. Next came working to clear Low-Souls, entities, past lives, and the Universal Grid of Consciousness that holds it all together.

I next turned my attention to the Upper Chakras, and the indwelling High Soul. Years of meditation and exploration of indwellers, cross-dimensional influences, and entities gave me the ability to follow energy forms to their source, and to clear them when appropriate. I use that knowledge to tap into my clients' indwelling Souls and to follow them back in time to clear family Karma, and create and move positive experiences forward into the "now."

I went for months in a state of frustration, unable to write because I knew I did not have the entire picture experienced for myself. The "energy feedings" continued, intensifying to the point where they were almost unbearable. High-Self tried to get through to me the information I yearned for to give to you now. Humanity has been controlled by ignorance of the truth fears, and superstitions. We can blow away the controllers by understanding Spirituality and "How Things Work." You have already begun desire to understand Spirituality for what it really is, and clear family, social, and personal patterns installed generations ago.

If you are like most metaphysical people you need to know more realistic way of making it all work for you. That is what I sought, and found, for myself understanding, the easier to Heal!

Frank Jordan will be giving a 6-hour mini-workshop during the Holistic Intuition Society "Power of Thought" Convention at Olds College, Alberta, July 25th to 27th — followed by an in-depth workshop on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th for those who seek even more guidance. Call the Society at 1-866-369-7464 for more information and visit www.dowsers.ca or www.in2it.ca.

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