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Volume 20 Issue 6
March/April 2015

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Saskatoon Home for New Allergen-free Inside Out Bakery
by Caitlin Iles
Caitlin Iles

There’s a new player in the healthy living sector in Saskatoon by the name of Inside Out Bakery and Catering. They’re on a mission to make healthy eating and living accessible, easy, and delicious for everyone in the city and area. This bakery is the first gluten and dairy free, plus allergen free facility in the city and focuses on using whole foods to make delicious alternatives for anyone living with food allergies, intolerances, or who just wants to eat healthy, whole foods. They do everything from soups and sandwiches to specialty cakes and desserts that can be tailored to virtually any dietary preference or restriction.

The founder and owner of IOB, Lucille McInnes, suffered from low energy and health complaints that she just couldn’t put her finger on for years. Her life was defined by muscle aches, pains, and spasms; digestive complaints; depression and anxiety; migraines; chronic inflammation; bad breath and body odour; and post-nasal drip. Eventually, after twelve years, seven specialists, and several misdiagnoses, she was told she had celiac disease and upon eliminating gluten and dairy, all those unexplained maladies slowly disappeared. She knew then for a certainty that just as some foods have the power to harm, the right foods contain the power to heal. 

Once she realized the powerful effect of food on her health, she became much stricter with her diet, knowing that if she wasn’t, she would feel the repercussions a few hours down the road. 

Lucille knew Saskatoon needed a dedicated allergen free bakery and catering service that focused on nutritionally rich and flavourful foods. Thus, Inside Out Bakery was created out of a desire to build a safe and inclusive space for all those suffering from food allergies and sensitivities, dietary restriction, or those who are looking for healthier and nourishing food options.

IOB believes that first and foremost people should be in tune with their bodies’ needs and that these needs should be respected and integrated into society when they make lifestyle choices that work for them. Biological, physical, and psychological factors are all integral to health and well-being. Inside Out Bakery provides a service that allows people to be as strict or loose with their diet as they feel is necessary, understanding that this changes over time.

For instance, when under a lot of stress at work, an individual may find that they are negatively affected by sugar intake, but when everything is emotionally and psychologically settled and content, sugar may not be a trigger for symptoms like anxiety and fatigue.

The bakery’s philosophy supports people who, whether by necessity or by choice, are following a restrictive lifestyle that promotes self-awareness. They do not promote any one type of lifestyle, but rather are responding to the need to fulfill a balance between providing the physical resources and the community support required to maximize the benefits of efforts made by each individual to be in tune with their personal well being.

In other words, a customer may not particularly care that their products are gluten and dairy free, they may simply be looking for an all-natural and organic product. On the other hand, they may not be concerned about living an organic lifestyle, but simply want to remove all grains and nuts from their diet. Whether or not the choices fit into a predefined lifestyle such as vegan, Paleo, or gluten free, Inside Out’s online ordering system makes it easy to choose what is right for them. Just as importantly, their online ordering system will assist a loved one or colleague in supporting those who live with food restrictions by making it quick and easy to find delicious treats and meals that work for everyone.

Inside Out Bakery’s food is safe and healthy for a large proportion of the population, regardless of dietary allergies, intolerances, or preferences. Their inclusive menu focuses on building a strong sense of community among their patrons and their friends, families, and coworkers. Customized orders ensure the widest selection is available for the specific group.

This new facility is 100% free of the most common food allergens so that those living with such restrictions finally have a place they can eat without fear. These allergens are not found in any product prepared by IOB: wheat, dairy, peanuts, sesame seeds, corn and its derivatives, mustard, commercial yeasts, and pork products.

They also have strict protocols in place to prevent cross-contamination from other major allergens such as tree nuts, fish, seafood, and crustaceans. And they are all about maximizing the nutritional and health benefits, by giving preference to organic and local ingredients when they can be reliably sourced.

And best of all? Their food tastes AMAZING because they don’t believe you need to sacrifice flavour for health, no matter what dietary choices and lifestyle preferences you make. They offer a wide range of products from baked treats such as muffins and cookies to more savoury options such as sandwich platters, soups, and salads. There are many options of each baked goodie such as their delightful Double Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookies, and several types of muffins, with the Pumpkin Spice being a local favourite. They also create specially decorated cakes, signature cupcakes, dainty platters, breakfast bars, and delicious pies. If you’ve had a long day and don’t have the energy to whip up dinner, try picking up a prepared meal to take home for a night of fuss free, delicious eating. No matter the occasion, you’ll be guaranteed to find something to suit your taste buds and diet.

You can find Inside Out Bakery at 102-2301 Ave. C, N. and you can call them at 306-321-4243. For weekly specials and/or events, check out their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/insideoutbakery. If you have a special event or are looking to accommodate a very specific dietary restriction, they recommend that you place your order on their website: www.insideoutbakery.com.

Caitlin Iles is a Saskatoon-based Holistic and Culinary Nutritionist with a keen interest in keeping up to date on the latest in nutrition and wellness research. In her practice, she assimilates that research with time-tested, evolution-based nutrition concepts to help her clients achieve vibrant, joyful health. She also works as the Program and Marketing Manager at Inside Out Bakery, whose philosophy closely aligns with her belief in the healing power of food.


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