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Volume 17 Issue 2
July/August 2011

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Spirit Orbs – Their Messages of Well-Intention


Spirit Orbs
Their Messages of Well-Intention

by Klaus Heinemann, PhD, and Gundi Heinemann
Gundi and Klaus Heinemann

The Field of Unlimited Potential signals that it exists and that it wants to help and heal us, as we tune in.

A physicist/materials scientist with work experience at NASA and Stanford University, and an educator/healing arts practitioner, a husband and wife join in an effort to explain the nature and purpose of spirit orbs in digital photos.

Ever since the dawn of Newtonian science, it has been exceedingly difficult for a person with traditional Western education to accept, or even entertain, the existence of a conscious, physically impacting realm outside our physical reality. This “intellectual denial” is incredibly deep rooted. It is immensely powerful. It essentially rules our lives.

The relatively recently discovered orb phenomenon connects quite readily between the mundane physical and the non-physical realms.

Photo 1: Child looking at orb
(Courtesy of Melissa Davenport)
Photo 2: Orb with face

Multitudes of people all over the world have been noticing opaque circular features in their flash photographs taken with digital cameras, making them wonder what they mean. Some children (Photo 1) and very few adults can actually see orbs. In a previous book, The Orb Project (Beyond Words Publishers, Atria Books, Simon & Schuster, 2007), we have examined these phenomena in great detail and presented suggestions about what they might be and how they get captured on photos. In a subsequent book, Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope (Hay House, 2010), we have gone a step further and discussed that they appear for a demonstrative purpose. Indications are that orbs are emanations from highly intelligent non-physical beings and may use their particular appearance and positioning in photos to impart helping messages.

Photo 3: Orb at singer’s mouth Photo 4: “Guardian angels” around children (Courtesy of Annabel Heinemann) Photo 5: Orb with two female faces, cause for life-changing insights
(Courtesy of Freda Chaney)

Here, in this article, we can only skim the surface and present summarizing statements. First, in our books we go into great length refuting arguments of critics who attempt to explain orbs as reflections off airborne particles, as camera defects, or even as human thought patterns. We then present several experiments that indicate that there is indeed intelligence behind orbs appearances. They respond to the wishes of the photographers—or even the person(s) being photographed—to appear in the photo. They demonstrate their intelligence by presenting themselves in statistically puzzling sequences. Orbs focus their light energy directly into the photographer’s camera, thus wasting no energy into other directions. They can thus document their appearance with an extremely tiny amount of physical energy (about 10-16 W-sec, the equivalent of keeping your laptop running for about 1 billionth of one billionth of one second). Orbs can even adjust their form of appearance to the person(s) evaluating the photos in which they can be seen. If their observers are anticipating non-descript, mandala-like features, that’s how the orbs will show up—it’s actually the energetically simpler, and hence their “preferred” method. If an individual is keen on discerning human face-like features in orbs, they will surprise by showing up just that way (Photo 2).

In Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope, we have described in numerous examples how orbs can deliver messages to the persons taking or viewing the photo. A singer has an orb at her mouth (Photo 3), a teacher at his hand with which he emphasizes a point, a healer at his hand or head, an athlete at her heart or where else she is being told by the unseen reality to be mindful and not over-exert herself; children are surrounded by orbs, indicating their special protection (Photo 4); an important poem is called to the photographer’s attention; and in numerous occasions, where miraculous physical healing was experienced, orbs reminded us or the photographer that the healing originated in the spiritual world. An orb (Photo 5) turned an accomplished author’s life around, away from a path toward evidential life-threatening outcome.

The overall intent behind images of spirit orbs may well be to demonstrate that an intelligence outside of this physical reality exists, and that the world of spirit beings is benevolent to mankind. Are they there to help us? They present themselves as highly interested in us, intent to do as much as we let them, so we can attain the degree of consciousness we intended to reach when we descended into this “dense physical” experience of what we call “life.” This is then nothing other than what is commonly called “spiritual healing.”

For what is “spiritual healing”? Is it not what sustains life? In fact, spiritual healing comes into the picture not only when we are sick. Being healthy is as much an unexplained “miracle” as healing from a “dis-ease” would be. In both cases, a life force is at work that is outside ourselves. For is it on our own merit that we are here, still alive, after decades of physical challenges, exposure to countless dangers, each of which could have become a peril, with odds very, very high to not survive, rather than having made it up to this point?

How would this work? The orbs have quantified our understanding of what “subtle energy” is. It is what directs, it is the “software” that does the coding of cell functioning—while physical energy is what moves, it is the “hardware” of life. This has profound ramifications in the field of health care. Conventional and alternative approaches are in a symbiotic relationship. One does not replace the other but depends on it. This is what far-seeing physicians have long known: their healing efforts are required as well as—not in place of—efforts that draw on subtle energy healing. And this is what wise alternative healing arts practitioners know: their efforts are complementary—not in place of—traditional medical procedures. Healing professionals on both sides of the spectrum of expertise will catapult their art to new heights when they embrace this “both/and”—as opposed to an “either/or”—philosophy.

The orbs have given some remarkable insights. They are evidence of individual intelligence outside our physical reality. With them, it is hard to deny that what we can explain with current physics is all there is. They have opened a door to the appreciation of the not understandable. The proverbial chasm between natural science and spirituality is narrowing.

Klaus Heinemann was born and educated in Germany and holds a PhD in experimental physics. He worked for many years in materials science research at NASA and UCLA, and as research professor at Stanford University. Gundi Heinemann studied education in Germany and teaches numerous alternative medicine disciplines. She runs a wellness coaching/healing arts practice in California where she and Klaus
reside. They can be contacted at www.theHeinemanns.net.


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