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Volume 10 Issue 2
July/August 2004

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Raindrop Technique™
Powerful Healing with Essential Oils

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A Mind-Body Approach to Healing Symptoms of Trauma and Stress
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Tapping Into the Gifts of Your Subconscious


Raindrop Technique™
Powerful Healing with Essential Oils

by Karen Macdonald

Karen Macdonald

Raindrop Technique (RT) is a powerful yet gentle technique for assisting the body in correcting defects in the curvature of the spine. Utilizing several key therapeutic essential oils, which are noted as powerful “infection fighters,” RT is a new weapon in combating viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasitical types of micro-organisms, and vaccines made from live viruses. It was developed by Dr. D. Gary Young, Naturopathic Doctor, a leading world expert in essential oils, based on his research with essential oils as anti-microbial agents. It is quite common that individuals with spinal abnormalities will gain half an inch in height with Raindrop Technique. Many people have reported profound and immediate results such as increased energy and relief from pain, infections, and diseases. This highly effective technique is also being used by holistic veterinarians as a natural healing medicine for animals.

When therapeutic essential oils are applied to the skin and feet they are able to penetrate and be in the blood system within twenty minutes. Once in our bodies, certain oils can stimulate our own antibodies, endorphins, hormones, and enzymes, and oils such as frankincense are shown to prevent and slow the progression of cancer. Exciting ground breaking research by Dr. Jaime Matta, chair of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Puerto Rico, shows frankincense has anti-tumour, anti-cancer effects and promotes cellular DNA repair. Increasing oxygen by 28 percent around the pineal and pituitary glands can also stimulate the immune system and assist with emotions stored in the brain’s amygdala (memory store for fear and trauma) and improve one’s learning, attitude, and mental clarity. In 1985 Dr. Jean Lapraz said he could not find any microbe that could live in the presence of cinnamon or oregano. This is significant as we face life-threatening drug-resistant viruses and bacteria. Because of their chemical structure, oils are metabolized as a nutrient and are between 100 to 10,000 times more potent than an herb or drug. As drugs are synthesized, isolated chemical elements are designed to alter the natural behaviour of the cells and of body function and are destructive and have dangerous side effects; oils work in harmony with the body.

Research has shown most diseases are reversible and that the underlying cause is due to incorrect nutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and toxin poisons, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, nitrates, propranol glycol, and dyes and fragrances that are known cancer-causing agents, in our foods, shampoos, soaps, alcohol, coffee, black teas, and cigarettes.

Essential oils do not disturb the body’s natural balance and have many different positive effects such as, lavender (lavandula angustifolia 100% therapeutic grade A) which is used for burns, insect bites, headaches, PMS, insomnia, stress, and hair growth. Therapeutic results only occur with quality grade essential oils such as those approved by AFNOR/ISO (International Standards Organization). Ninety-eight percent of oils are perfumed or inferior grades, only two percent are Therapeutic Grade A. It is the Grade A oils that are utilized in clinics and hospitals around the world. Unfortunately, labels are misleading and may state 100 percent essentially pure oil, when in reality it may, by volume, be less than 10 percent. Often the oils are adulterated and mixed with synthetic fillers which can cause dangerous burning and allergies.

Dr. Gary Young’s Raindrop Technique uses highly anti-microbial Therapeutic Essential Oils which kill viral agents and reduce inflammation, spasm, as well as pain. The principle oils are: Oregano (anti-viral, 99 percent kill rate against streptococcus Pneumonie); Thyme (antiseptic); Wintergreen (similar to cortisone—good for bone, muscle, and joint pain); Cypress (anti-microbial, great for heart and circulation and high blood pressure); Peppermint (good for stomach and lungs, head, studied for improved memory and weight loss); Basil (smooth muscle relaxant—great for heart, digestion, and fatigue); Marjoram (calms the nerves); and Valor (contains frankincense, spruce, blue tansy, and rosewood which helps with overcoming fear, anger, balancing energy, and assists with back pain).

Why is it called Raindrop Technique? Oils are dropped six inches above the back like little drops of rain and are very lightly feathered and massaged in along the vertebrae and muscles, which takes about 45 minutes to complete and may continue to work up to a week following the treatment. To enhance the effects at home one can continue to apply oils to the skin to assist and restore balance. In addition, customized oils can be added and also used to adapt to individual conditions.

The Raindrop Technique also incorporates the Vita-Flex Technique, a highly specialized form of massage, in particular, a form of reflexology. It provides greater electrical stimulation and incorporates the oils to support each organ and system when applied to the feet, hands, back, and body. The electrical impulses created by Vita-Flex and the essential oils increases the effect of both as this electrical charge follows the nerve pathways to a break or clog in the circuit caused by pathogens, toxins, loss of oxygen, drugs, or tissue damage. Extraordinary results are experienced as the entire realm of the body and mind are capable of releasing tension, congestion, and imbalances.

Large numbers of health practitioners are incorporating Raindrop Technique and Vita-Flex Therapy into their clinical practices, and medical professionals and clinics have adopted it as an outstanding resource for aiding sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis, and more. Dr. Michael Alsop, DC (Chiropractic Kinesiologist), has found tremendously dramatic results with RT. Similarly, Terry Friedman, MD, Colorado, USA, states, “These oils truly represent a new frontier of medicine and have resolved cases regarded as hopeless.” As well, the Young Life Research Clinic Institute of Natural Medicine, under medical director, Dr. Roger Lewis, MD, in Springville, Utah, extensively utilizes Therapeutic Essential Oils as part of the leading treatments and therapies.

Healthy eating, a positive attitude, and an open mind will prepare the body and skin to accept the oils better and more quickly. Raindrop and Vita-Flex Techniques are only a tool to help restore balance and good health and can be incorporated into a well-rounded wellness program to result in having essential wellness and heavenly health.

Karen Macdonald is a Natural Holistic Nurse and health practitioner in Saskatoon. She has trained and studied with Dr. Gary Young, founder of Young Life Research Clinic – Institute of Natural Medicine in Utah, USA. She provides assessments, private treatments and training seminars, Raindrop Technique, Vita-Flex Massage, Essential Oils, Sports and Fitness, Nutrition, and Holistic Medicine. To contact her call Attridge Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic (306) 975-0565.


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