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Volume 19 Issue 2
July/August 2013

The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone
A four-legged approach to enlightenment

Ice Cream!

Raw and Vegan Retreat in the Yucatán

How the ZenWand™ Came Into Being

Yantha: Angelic Healing Energy

Entrepreneurs as Builders of Community and People

The Heart and Science of Mindfulness


How the ZenWand™ Came Into Being
by Dawn Reid-Reiner
Dawn Reid

The Zen attitude towards life is that of laughter of living of enjoying of celebrating. Zen is life affirmative. It accepts all that is... —Osho

The Zenwand has a true and beautiful story. Zenwand was gifted to me in a dream/ visitation from my mother two years after her passing. Later, I realized she gave me the Zenwand on her birthday.

Mum came to me in the middle of the night and placed the Zenwand in my hands. She told me the name, what it was, who would buy it, who would love it, how popular it would be, and the good it would bring for many. I can remember her visit very clearly: sound, colour, and the sense of calmness. This was in 2008, and, at that time, I was entirely unaware of my spirituality. 

Mum said, “I have a new business for you. It is a Zenwand.” I asked, “What is a Zenwand?” She then proceeded to explain that it was a tool for mindfulness, meditating, yoga, and being in the now. At that time I had not even heard of Eckhart Tolle. I didn’t meditate then (I sure do now). She said, “Move it, gently wave it.” I did. It made the most beautifully soft, magic-like chime sound, much like the sound of Tinker Bell from Disney. Mum talked about chi clearing, attraction of good energy, setting intentions, and manifesting goals. 

I woke up that morning and kind of laughed about my dream. A few minutes went by and I realized that this had not been a dream. I felt different. I had never experienced any dream like that. My mum had really come to see me. I felt a genuine message from her. I knew I must look into this more. I searched the name Zenwand on the computer, it was not there. So I purchased the domain name that very day. Then I took a couple of years listening and learning, enlightening myself about everything that my mum might have been trying to tell me. Every step I took toward making it happen (research etc.), doors opened almost like magic. Like my angels were guiding me every step of my way. It is the most rewarding journey on which I have ever been. I keep meeting so many amazing and beautiful people. 

Today, Zenwands are selling daily to yogis, Chopra University students, Hay House authors, holistic health and reiki healers, martial arts teachers, students, indigenous seers, life coaches, women’s retreats, mothers-to-be, many who meditate, elementary school teachers for their students’ mindfulness meditations, and all spiritual lovers of our Universe.

The Zenwand was designed and is being handcrafted by me with much appreciated help from my family in Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada.

The Zenwand is an exquisite 14” wooden oak wand, laser engraved with mantras, intentions, and affirmations. They are embellished with seven genuine chakra healing gemstones, highlighted with Swaroski crystals and adorned with a silver-plated music sphere chime ball for clearing energy or attracting one’s intention.

The Zenwand is a sacred and universal tool for manifesting positive thoughts and intentions, above all helping one to become mindful.

Here is some feedback from two people who have received a Zenwand, taken from www.zenwand.com:

“Sending love and gratitude to Dawn at Zenwand for this beautiful gift! The Zenwand is an awesome addition to anyone’s spiritual life. Each one is custom made for meditation, yoga, mindfulness, intention, manifestation & other conscious paths to vibrant health, wellness & balance.”—Michael J. Chase, The Kindness Center, author of The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone: A Four-legged Approach to Enlightenment.

“The wand helps me to stay grounded and stay in touch with my spirituality at the same time. On a side note, it is very cute that although my husband is very skeptical of spirituality and objects that he would call hocus pocus knick knacks, I will find him sitting at my computer station waving the wand and listening to the music sphere chime with a ‘little boy’ pleasure on his face.”—Kathy B-W

Peace, love, and happiness to everyone from Dawn Reid-Reiner who lives in Lake Country, British Columbia. Dawn and her husband (and other helpers) make the Zenwands by hand. For more information and/or to order these amazingly beautiful works of art, visit www.zenwand.com and/or call (250) 864-0343.


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