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Volume 15 Issue 2
July/August 2009

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Desperately Seeking Self
by Laurie Bonello
Laurie Bonello

That dream helped me to understand that answers do come when I ask; that there is always “someone” there to help me, when I ask within.

What pushes us forward, searching for purpose in our lives? Do we know intuitively there is more to life than what we now experience? Those of us who read this magazine are often seekers, on a quest for truth. We consciously make an effort to seek out ways to increase the health, joy, love, and peace in our lives.

I, too, have been searching for many years. Past life regression gave me a glimpse of former lives. Psychics offered impressions of the future. Holistic healers, self-hypnosis, Rain Drop Therapy, Qi Gong, Yoga, Reiki, and intuitive development classes all propelled me forward. Searching. Seeking. Seeking myself; almost desperately.

So many people I speak to are asking similar questions, such as, What fulfills me? What is my life’s path; my life’s purpose; my life’s work? How did I create my current world, working without passion, squeaking by just paying the bills? More importantly, how can I create a more satisfying life?

For most of us, we are fortunate that our basic needs in life—such as food, water, and shelter—are fulfilled. With those essential needs met, are we seeking and searching because of the extra leisure time that has created, while we selfishly focus on ourselves, our problems, our dissatisfaction? Or, is the ache inside real—so real that the pull towards finding answers leads us to seek out others for advice?

One night after some reflection on my own life, I dreamed of a man who stood outside my house on the back deck. He was facing the patio door, looking at me standing in my kitchen, on the other side of the glass door. I decided to open the door; the day was cold and his feet were bare. I invited him in. As he attempted to step inside, the skin on his feet stuck to the deck as if he was standing on ice. Noticing, I asked him why he waited for so long outside in the cold; so long that his feet were freezing. He simply replied he does only as he is told, and enters only when asked.

I felt this was a profound message for me, that just on the other side of the door, help was there waiting; waiting to be invited to come forth. That dream helped me to understand that answers do come when I ask; that there is always “someone” there to help me, when I ask within.

To help find guidance on your own life’s path, take time to think about what you enjoy in life. When did you last feel passionate about what you were doing? Why? Recall when you were a child. What games did you like to play? What interested you in school? Answers to these questions provide great clues as to what might satisfy you today; what might have been planned for you in this life.

While answers aren’t always served up perfectly, by going within and asking for guidance, we are often provided with insights and ideas. Following these insights and ideas often gets us flowing with the rhythm of our lives, paving the way for even more profound inner guidance. Input from others is great too; just don’t forget that sometimes our own advice is very wise, especially when it comes from the still, inner voice we can experience when we listen quietly.

So, spend time with yourself. Ask, listen, and act. Give it a try right now. Ask within for an answer to what you are seeking. Listen quietly. What do you hear? Be patient if an answer doesn’t present itself immediately. It will come. Ask often, but more importantly, listen often.

Laurie Bonello, CHRP, C.Ht., shares her message that you can find peace, even amidst challenging life events. A certified human resources professional, hypnotherapist, writer, speaker, and cancer survivor, Laurie is committed to living simply, not simply living. Author of Across the Void: Through Cancer and Into Life, she supports others along their wellness journeys. To contact her visit www.theroadtolife.com or phone (306) 382-0121 in Saskatoon. Also see the colour display ad on page 39 of the 15.2 July/August issue of the WHOLifE Journal.


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