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Volume 11 Issue 2
July/August 2005

Integrative Medicine:
Where Conventional Meets Alternative for Truly Wholistic Medicine

Bread—The Staff of Life, or Not?

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Turn Stress Into Success by Rewriting Your Subconscious Beliefs: The Benefits of Psych-K™

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Turn Stress Into Success by Rewriting Your Subconscious Beliefs
The Benefits of Psych-K™

by Luann Horobin

Whether you believe you can or you can't, both are true.
~ Henry Ford

Do you wonder why it is that no matter how motivated and inspired you feel, the stalling grip of "I can't", "I'm not good enough", or "It won't work", or "It will be too hard" silently steals into your thinking?

Why do "I can", "This will work", "This will be easy", or "I am worthy of. . ." feel so distant in terms of the mysterious face of prevailing old habits, whether it be prosperity, relationships, self-esteem, or any other factor important to your success?

So, why the emphasis on subconscious beliefs and how can they can be changed?

Beliefs are derived from emotional experiences which lead to familiar patterns that feel safe at the time, but may later become limiting. The subconscious mind stores beliefs and the habitual nature of the subconscious mind makes our daily snap decisions continuously. Niggling thoughts, snap decisions, and false masks become habits that determine our destiny.

Limiting beliefs must first be discovered in order to be changed to accelerating beliefs, creating a key ingredient to new successes. "Life today builds tomorrow" speaks to the powerful role of subconscious beliefs in daily life. Imagine the difference in your life today and beyond when the stressful and stalling habits of procrastination, rescuing, holding back, or "no-hope" are turned to accelerating beliefs of inspiration, worthiness, creativity, and "I can".

Achieving potential has similarities to driving a car. Having one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake means you go nowhere. Cars don't go anywhere on their own. Whether you are sitting in the driver's seat or in the passenger's seat also makes a difference. With the help of Psych-KT you can move from the passenger's seat, where you are riding along with old prevailing habits, and put yourself in the driver's seat with your foot firmly on the gas accelerating toward positive change.

Some changes require more support over a period of time. For example, someone with long-term health goals, such as weight loss, may first have limiting beliefs in their ability to get started and stick with a program, or with worthiness of success now and in the future. Later in the process, when new feelings associated with weight loss surface and dispel old masks, so too may other limiting beliefs regarding success in relationships or prosperity be dispelled. Further support is required to build confidence and
success as life approaches in new ways as a new person.

This emphasizes the importance of mindset; that powerful combination of beliefs plus conscious awareness. One of the best parts of facilitating this work is helping each person see her or his greatness; the very thing one most often doesn't see in oneself. Henry David Thoreau brings forth a valuable point when he says, "What lies before us, and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen."

You may be familiar with times when you were gung-ho, filled with drive and momentum, were fully trained, and still had an inner voice silently working to block you. If you look carefully, you'll find the silent voice is very familiar and coming from beliefs about success and self-confidence.


When you look at your life; where do you see limiting beliefs of "I can't" that you would like to rewrite to accelerating beliefs of "I can"?

In time-frames of a few days to a month of "belief change" work, we have seen "I can't, it won't work", turn around to "I can, I have everything I need to make this a success". After you have identified the areas in which you are struggling, you pinpoint the areas of "I can't" that you want to rewrite to "I Can". Next, you put supporting steps into action that demonstrate, "I can".

Subconscious beliefs are a powerful tool to harness to create your success. History is in the past and can't be changed. Your future is like an open journey still to be taken. Toxic beliefs can be toxic to your success, like bad fuel in a car. Start today, believe "you can". Take the driver's seat in your future.

Luann Horobin, BAHS, CHRP, CPCC, is a Certified Professional Co- Active Coach from The Coaches Training Institute, a Certified Human Resource Practitioner, and a Certified Basic Psych-KT Trainer, and she has a Bachelor of Administration in Health Services. She has over 20 years of experience helping people gain greater success in all areas of life-including leadership, business, profit, relationships, and vitality. To contact her: Success Coaching, (403) 281-9812, email: horobin1@telus.net, www.coaching-yoursuccess.com.


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