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Volume 10 Issue 5
January/February 2005

Canine Water Therapy:
A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

Carob: First Rate Food!

Adventures with Chi – Life Energy
Sound-making and Drawing

Flower Essences
A Natural Way to Relieve Emotional Imbalances

Why Am I Here? . . . Discovering Your Purpose


Volume 10 Issue 5 — January/February 2005
Melva Armstrong by Melva Armstrong

Many blessings to you all as we enter this new year of 2005! I want to thank all our contributing writers, our print and website designers, our proofreader, our printer, our numerous advertisers, and all our readers for your wonderful support and work during the last year. Your combined contributions are what make WHOLifE Journal so extremely successful and for this I am truly grateful. I thoroughly enjoy putting the journal together each issue and I feel blessed because I get to meet and work with so many wonderful folks each and every day. I look forward to continuing on my path of growth and enlightenment as the journal’s publisher and editor and I welcome all the gifts and challenges that will be presented to me along the way.

This year will find me and WHOLifE in a new home-based business location on March 1st. We will be giving you the new permanent mailing address information in our March/April 2005 issue. In the meantime we are using a temporary mailing address which you will find on our Contact Page. If anyone of our readers knows of any accommodation available for March 1st then please contact me as soon as possible by phone, fax, or email to discuss the details. I am open to considering all possibilities in this matter.

In this new year issue we are pleased to bring you a feature story by Kahlee Keane called, Canine Water Therapy. It is about two innovative Saskatoon massage therapists, and great dog lovers, who created their own canine water therapy program and centre not long after their veterinarian recommended water therapy as a healing treatment for their beloved golden retriever, Bailey.

After those delectable chocolate sweets were consumed by many of us over the recent holiday season we thought it would be a good idea to repeat Paulette Millis’s article called, Carob: First Rate Food!, from a previous issue. In it she provides a “carob versus chocolate” comparison which shows them to be extremely different in their qualities. After reading her article you may want to seriously look at carob as a delicious and healthy alternative food choice, if you haven’t done so already. To get you started she has also included some wonderful recipes using carob, of which I particularly like the Eatmore Bars.

The start of a new year is often a time when many of us make resolutions to better our lives. We trust that the articles and advertisers contained in WHOLifE may be extremely helpful to you as you work towards fulfilling those resolutions. As a starter Maureen McIntosh suggests in her article, Why Am I Here?, that some of us may be on a wrong path because of thought patterns and conditioning that may be sabotaging us. She then offers some solutions as to how you can discover your true purpose. On another level, you may want to read Carole Friesen’s article, Our Issues are in Our Tissues, in which she states, “To truly understand ourselves we can start by decoding the language of the BodyMind.” In other words, she suggests that we look at our inner world in order to understand how we create our outer world.

And if you want to read something creative and playful check out Kathleen Houston’s article, Adventures with Chi – Life Energy. Kathleen writes about her own life experiences in a joyfully lilting and poetic way that will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart and will surely make you want to sing and dance and create sounds and images that soothe the soul. “We are vibrational beings and we respond to sound and imagery all the time,” she explains.

For a natural way to relieve emotional imbalances, Rositha Jeanson writes in her article, Flower Essences, that the key to choosing an essence or essences, for healing purposes, is to pinpoint exactly how you feel right now. Rositha states she has seen time and again how these natural remedies can gently guide people through the blocks in their lives.

Finally, an important question is raised by Donald Sutherland in his article, Light Pollution: Is So Much Artificial Light Good?. I’ll leave that for you to read and think about.

May we all begin this new year with gratitude and thanks for our beautiful planet and for the gift of all Life. I’ll see you again in two months. Blessed Be!

(I honour the Spirit in you!)

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