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Volume 10 Issue 4
November/December 2004

Ganoderma: God's Herb
Reishi Mushroom Medicine

Raving About Raw Seeds!

Fair Trade
A Marketplace Where Everyone Wins

Humour and Hope
A Process for Healing ©2004

Healthy Vision Habits
Give Your Eyes A Break


Volume 10 Issue 4 — November/December 2004
Melva Armstrong by Melva Armstrong

The first big snowfall is upon us as I write these words. Each autumn I hope that the snow will hold off until late December but most times it doesn’t and then the winter can seem very long. I just came back from my walk and the icy snow was crunchy under my feet and my black fleece jacket was catching the flakes as they fell from the sky. I had to quickly blink my eyes as the flakes were lightly flying into them and melting as they touched the warmth of my eyelids—a rather lovely feeling. Thankfully the temperatures are still warm enough that my face wasn’t freezing. I am grateful for my walks as they always help keep me in touch with Mother Nature, which is part of that precious balance I like to have in my life in order to maintain good health and happiness. I hope all of you are finding that important balance in your lives too, so you can live each day being healthy and happy.

We have another issue full of great information to help you along your path of enlightenment. I get regular feedback from readers telling me how they find WHOLifE extremely helpful by providing lots of valuable information in the articles and the advertising. Many readers also tell me they are excited to have discovered a community of like-minded folks for them to connect with so they have a support system to turn to as they are advancing in their personal growth and development. I see WHOLifE as an integral part of our wholistic health community in which we disseminate information and educate folks. That’s why we encourage and welcome all inquiries about placing articles and advertising, so we can provide the widest variety of information for all to read. Our contact and deadline information is on the left-side column of this page and we look forward to hearing from many of you.

Our regular nutrition writer, Paulette Millis, is convinced you will all be Raving About Raw Seeds once you read her well-researched article. It is amazing how those tiny wee seeds can be so jam-packed full of many of the essential nutrients we need to keep our bodies and minds healthy and fit. After giving you the nitty-gritty nutritional values of the seeds, she ends with a heap of great recipes that will leave your mouth watering as you read them. You’ll likely want to give them a try!

We also have included some Healthy Vision Habits by Elizabeth Abraham, one of Canada’s leading vision educators. In her article she reminds us that we often don’t give our eyes the care they deserve and need in order to serve us the way they were meant to. Most of us simply haven’t been educated on maintaining our eye health, so Elizabeth is here to kick-start us with some basic habits to consider (and it is never too late) in order to keep your eyes functioning in a healthy and natural way, and more importantly, to improve them no matter what their condition. We are hoping that Elizabeth will do a series of articles on eye care, so keep a look-out in our future issues for more of her vision expertise.

As people everywhere become more conscious of how their choices in life affect people in other parts of the world, one of the areas that is most controversial is in the production and marketing of coffee, tea, cocoa, and sugar. In order to ensure that producers receive a fair price for their products and that workers receive fair wages, several national and international organizations have formed a unique marketplace known as, “Fair Trade”. Nancy Allan, of Saskatoon, is an advocate of fair trade practices, as well as a distributor of fair trade products. In her article, Fair Trade, A Marketplace Where Everyone Wins, she gives an overview of how fair trade works and explains how we, the conscious consumers, now have an alternative choice when deciding what kind of products we purchase—simply look for the fair trade logo.

Don’t miss Cathy Fenwick’s Humour and Hope article and Gwen Nyhus Stewart’s Gratitude article—they bring to the forefront three virtues that are essential parts of the process of healing and maintaining good health.

Finally, check out our feature article, Ganoderma: God’s Herb, in which author Rob Roy describes many of the healing qualities of what is believed to be the oldest mushroom used as medicine—the Reishi mushroom.

Until we meet again, Happy Solstice and Happy Holidays! Blessed Be!

(I honour the Spirit in you!)

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