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We believe in providing information on the abundant choices that are available in order to fulfill a healthy and whole lifestyle. We believe there is a need to maintain a connecting link among all those who have a common goal of good health and well-being. We believe that communication is a vital element in our community's growth and development. We know that the mind is unlimited in its potential and we thus encourage our readers to share their ideas and thoughts with us for the good of all.

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Volume 21 Issue 5 —January/February 2016

The current issueOn the Path to Healthful Longevity: the Privilege of Choice
by Wendy Lynn Conquergood

With the advent of the winter solstice, the seasonal movement of the sun provides its least amount of daylight, before it starts to increase again. During this vacuum of winter cold and darkness, we stand be-jewelled by the sparkling festivity of the Holiday season. Our days overflow with activity, merrymaking, great food, and good times spent with loved ones and friends. Long winter nights softly unfold, offering recovery and rest, and as we sleep, we dream; pondering the first important choice we will make in the coming year… our New Year's Resolution.

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Homemade Seedy Granola
by Stacey Tress

I love making this granola. I go through phases where I’m inspired to make things from scratch, and this recipe never disappoints. It can handle a lot of variations and is forgiving with the amounts being added, which is one reason I love to make it. Reason two for making it is because I just love the smell. Cinnamon and clove mixed with the nuts and seeds really fills the house! Reason three is because my whole family loves it and it feels good to make good wholesome foods they enjoy.

The Healing Power Within Turmeric: Curcumin © 2015
by Joe Smulevitz

Turmeric, best known as the chief ingredient of curry, and the source of mustard’s bright yellow colour, is proving to be more than a valuable colouring agent. A member of the ginger family, turmeric comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant, and is gaining recognition for its ability to fight a wide range of health concerns through its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-carcinogenic properties. What makes turmeric such a powerful healing substance?

Three Generations on the Farm
by Ben Martens Bartel

The Bartel family has been farming the same piece of land for four generations, and has been witness to a changing farm. Grovenland Farm is now made up of three generations farming together. My wife, Lisa, and I, along with our first child, Jacob (now seven), moved from Winnipeg to Saskatchewan in May, 2011, to begin a new farming story with my parents, John and Denise Bartel. The current iteration of our farm has felt like an adventure from the beginning, and we hope to learn and grow in that same spirit into the future.

Healing Touch: The Priceless Gift
by Donna Chicoine

The Healing Touch Program (HTP) was developed by Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN, a holistic nurse who was awarded the Holistic Nurse of the Year by the American Nurse's Association in 1988. This program is an accredited provider of nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialling Centre (ANCC) and is the first organization exclusively providing Energy Medicine Continuing Education Programs to hold not only one, but two, national accreditations: ANCC and the National Centre for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

A Teacher’s Dream Comes True
by Robyn Kernot

During my career as a teacher, I always felt strong empathy for the students who couldn’t learn as easily as other children even though they worked much harder. Each year, there seemed to be more students with learning problems and because learning challenges are so damaging to a child’s self-esteem, I was determined to provide extra individual support for them even if it meant giving up my preparation time, recess, and lunch breaks. At home, I was preoccupied with trying to think of new approaches to help those students focus, understand, and remember. When I crawled into bed at night, my prayer was always, “God, please show me how to help them.”

When Horses Become Family
by Keith Dixon

On June 27, 2015, I drove eight miles north east from Kamsack, past the abandoned house where I was born, and on to the neat farmyard of recently established Ravenheart Farm. I was searching for connections between two worlds: the farmyard of my youth where horses were servants and the Ravenheart farmyard where humans learn from horses.

New Healing Modality Gets Amazing Results
by Lynda Borschowa

What is Quantum Energy Transformation™ (QET™) and How is it Different? QET is a unique healing modality that uses breathing, space, a person's energy system, as well as their auric field differently, in such a way that causes instant cellular transformation and even structural and energetic changes in the body. It is widely known in the field of Quantum Biology that everything we have ever experienced in our world and in our life is stored in our body as packets of energy in the cellular structure.

by Melva Armstrong

It has been a really busy two months since the last issue. Life just keeps adding more things to my to-do list, when I haven’t yet completed what is already on it. I know that nearly everyone I ask says they are experiencing the same kind of overwhelming feeling that there isn’t enough time to complete everything they want to. I remember hearing well-known author Marianne Williamson say, there are now less spaces between each event and that’s why we are feeling the speeding up of time. I guess I just have to get used to always being one step behind, because I have a suspicion it isn’t going to get any slower.

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