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We believe in providing information on the abundant choices that are available in order to fulfill a healthy and whole lifestyle. We believe there is a need to maintain a connecting link among all those who have a common goal of good health and well-being. We believe that communication is a vital element in our community's growth and development. We know that the mind is unlimited in its potential and we thus encourage our readers to share their ideas and thoughts with us for the good of all.

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Volume 20 Issue 5 —January/February 2015

The current issueMaking Local Organic Food Accessible Year Round
Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) with Keith Neu

by Christine Wood

Keith Neu, owner of Etomami Organics ecofarm near Hudson Bay, SK, believes in healthy, natural, real food and has been making organic food accessible to Saskatchewan residents for several years. The first part of this article contains an interview with Keith by Tracy Friesen, owner of Crystal Cove, so she could learn more about the opportunity for purchasing fresh organic, locally-grown produce through his Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) farm. The last part provides news about some local organic products.

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Seedy Saturday – Emerge From the Cold into the Promise of Spring
by Stacey Tres

During the long, cold Canadian winter, gardeners enjoy attending Seedy Saturdays — a series of non-profit, public events across the country. They are organized by individuals and community groups that see a need for gardeners, seed companies, nurseries, gardening organizations, historic sites, and community groups to have a low-cost local venue where they can learn from one another, exchange ideas and seeds, and purchase seeds and plants in a comfortable, social setting. Seedy Saturday and Seedy Sunday are catch-phrases used for seed swap events that bring the public together with seed savers, in order to maintain and develop the open pollinated and heritage crop cultivars that are a resource in a community. The titles Seedy Saturday/Seedy Sunday are dedicated to the public domain by the event founder, Sharon Rempel.

Common Cold and Flu – Are You Ready for It?
Herbs, Nutrition, Homeopathy, and More!

by Dr. Ranvir Pahwa, PhD

Cold and flu (Influenza) – two words we all know. For some, it becomes an issue of fear, but others do not care. The change of season brings a change in temperature and for some it provides a breeding ground of germs (bacteria and viruses). If one’s immunity is low, the germs win the fight. However, not all colds are bacterial or viral. There may be more secretion of phlegm in some people brought about by condensation in the environment and/or due to an incorrect diet that triggers congestion in the body.

Wool – Mother Nature’s Miracle Fibre
by Bridgette Kelly

There has never been a more perfect scene than a flock of sheep grazing freely on the open countryside and all over the world, that is exactly what they do. Born free to roam, sheep live on and from the land and in doing so, help to maintain our landscapes and the important eco sub-culture that many of us do not even realize thrive in the low grass and shrub. Pastoral management aside – what sheep are best known for is their wool. The fibre which naturally grows – just as your hair does – and provides a fabulous material for the global textile industry. In ancient times, wool was considered to be worth more than gold. The industrial revolution made wool a hugely valuable resource as the world moved on from craft making to volume production. Now, wool is traded across the globe allowing people everywhere to enjoy the beauty, diversity, and truly amazing functionality of this remarkable fibre.

Energy Therapy, Business, and Community
by Afua Tiah McLaren

Have you noticed the increasing number of energy practitioners setting up shop in Saskatoon and all around Saskatchewan? What is energy therapy? How can it impact business and community? Many healing arts fall into the broad category of energy therapy, such as reiki, acupuncture, bodytalk, massage, sound healing, crystal healing, yoga, qigong, tai chi, to name a few, and a variety of methods that don’t fall into any one category. These systems treat physical illness, mental unrest and tension, emotional wounds from traumatic experiences, and more.

Colour Ray Gemstones in Health and Healing
by Isabelle Morton

We are surrounded by colour. Nature abounds in it—especially in springtime when the flowers bloom after a long winter. Artists are commanders of colour, chefs make good use of it in food, and kids are attracted to the brightest toys. Instinctively, we know what colours we like. We use these preferences when we shop for clothing, home décor, and even cell phone cases. There’s a reason for this preference. Colour is profoundly nourishing. Not just psychologically and emotionally, but also energetically. Most alternative healers can tell you that the seven body chakras are nourished by the seven colours of the rainbow. In my work with therapeutic-quality gemstones, I’ve learned that specific organs, systems, and experiences also favour one of these seven colours—and its corresponding colour-ray gemstone.

Getting Started with Hoop Play
by Katelyn Selanders

Do you remember hula-hooping when you were a child? Maybe you’ve watched your children, grandchildren, or the kids outside at recess spinning those plastic toys around their waist – smiling, laughing, and bursting with energy. Children hula-hoop unabashedly! They don’t care how silly they look, or how many times it falls down, and they don’t notice how hard they are working. They keep hooping because it feels good, right down to the core! They feel their belly fill with warmth, their arms stretch out to the universe, their head level with the earth . . . and laughter effortlessly bubbles out! Want to know something pretty awesome? Adults can feel that way too!

by Melva Armstrong

As I write this editorial on the winter solstice, December 21st, I am reflecting on how peaceful and calm it was on my walk today. There was almost no wind and the tall white popular tree branches, as well as the smaller bushes were all covered in snow. It was like a pretty postcard scene as I made my way up and down the hills with the dogs. They were once again in sniffing heaven, trying eagerly to figure out where all those creatures were whose scents they could smell, but none were in sight. I saw lots of bunny and deer tracks, but not the animals. On two other walks, I saw three deer crossing the road together and at another time, two ruffed grouse fluttered up onto a tree branch when they heard us pass by. These birds live close to the ground in the bushes along the road and because I couldn’t see them, the loud sound of their flapping wings startled me. Their brown colours help them blend in with the bushes, which must be their protection from predators.

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